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Worry less and do more with your insurance policy by your favourite insurance group, Hollard Ghana, comprised of subsidiaries, Hollard Insurance (general insurance) and Hollard Life Assurance (life insurance).

Thinking about taking out a life insurance policy that covers your family in the event of your passing is not high on anyone's list of priorities. But it's essential. Hollard has made this – and all personal and business insurance matters – as smooth and simplified as possible; you don't have to think about it except to know that it's covered.

Worry less and do more with Ghana's trusted Insurance company in your corner.

Let's get started.

General insurance

General Insurance products to cover all the unforeseen events, helping to keep you protected

Life Insurance

Life insurance offers your loved ones the protection they will need if you should pass away unexpectedly.

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Introducing Hollard ChatInsure


Hi! My name is Araba Hollard

I bring you Hollard ChatInsure, making Home and Home Contents insurance

available to homeowners and renters via WhatsApp chat, anytime, any day. 24/7.

Protect your home and its contents, message me on 0242 426 412.

P.S. I'm offering 10% off the first premium to my first 100 customers.

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