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    Hollard Ghana is proud to partner with Absa Bank, a prominent local and international banking brand that’s been operating in Ghana for over 95 years. Together with Absa, we offer unique and innovative insurance products and services to their banking customers, including:

    Absa Hospital Cash Benefit

    If you’re hospitalised due to accidental causes, you’ll be paid out a daily cash benefit to use for grocery bills, transport or whatever else you want to spend it on. This policy covers people between the ages of 18 and 100 and comes as a free benefit to specific Absa account holders. The daily cash benefit is doubled if the policyholder is hospitalised outside Ghana.

    Absa Up Sell Hospital Cash Benefit

    Get a daily cash benefit to use at your discretion if you’re hospitalised as a result of an illness or due to accidental causes. This product covers you and your spouse/partner, and up to four children. The daily cash benefit is doubled if the policyholder is hospitalised outside Ghana.

    Absa Embedded Travel Insurance

    This travel insurance policy provides free cover for Absa International Debit Cardholders, and Premier and Premier Life clients, with a focus on covering personal accident and medical expenses.

    Absa Third Party Motor Insurance

    This car insurance product is designed to comply with the requirements of the law, offering the following third-party cover if you’re involved in a motor accident:

    • Unlimited cover for injuries to third parties
    • Unlimited cover for death
    • Emergency treatment
    • Third party property damage
    • Personal accident

    Absa Third Party Fire & Theft Motor Insurance

    Get covered for any third-party costs you may be liable for in a motor accident, as well as cover for loss of or damage caused by fire or theft to your vehicle.

    Absa Comprehensive Motor Insurance

    Our most extensive motor insurance option available, this policy gives you many benefits over and above what’s available from other insurance providers. Get all the cover you would enjoy under Motor Third Party and Motor Third Party Fire & Theft insurance, as well as cover for:

    • Accidental damage, or damage due to collisions or floods
    • Malicious acts while your car is in use in transit
    • Damage to permanently fitted radio or cassette players, as well as compact disc speakers
    • Legal fees
    • “New for Old” vehicle replacement
    • Replacement of lost/stolen/or damaged keys, locks, and remote control units
    • Replacement of groceries in transit that is lost or damaged as a result of an accident
    • Post-repair inspections, delivery costs of your vehicle after repairs, and a car hire option