Purple Employee Plan

Employees of every organization, remain the most vital asset

Employees of every organization, remain the most vital asset. Every progressive organization is keen on protecting its cherished asset; thus, the wellbeing of employees becomes paramount for the sustenance of any business.

Hollard Life, as a family oriented brand, with several years of experience, understands and recognizes the importance of ensuring that organizations have adequate insurance cover for their employees and their families. Unlike the limited Workmen’s Compensation cover, the Purple Employee Plan provides a more comprehensive, adequate and substantial cover at competitive premiums. The Purple Employee Plan offers a 24 hour protection to employees throughout their employment.

The Plan comprehensively covers the following contingencies:

  • Death (Natural and Accidental)
  • Total and Permanent Disability
  • Accidental Total Partial Disability
  • Accidental Temporary Disability
  • Accident Medical Reimbursement
  • Critical Illness 
  • Health Screening
  • Purple Monthly Grocery Plan
  • Workmen’s Compensation 

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