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  • What is Directors and Officers Indemnity Insurance?

    As a director or officer of a company, you’ll inevitably make decisions on a daily basis that can have huge effects and consequences on the people around you. But even the best managers make mistakes. What if you, as a director or officer, make a decision or take an action about the company that is seen as being a “wrongful act” – even if you were acting in good faith? This could result in a claim made against you for which you’d be financially liable.

    Directors’ and officers’ liability covers you financially for any claims made against you in this kind of situation. The policy pays for any costs related to the claim, such as court proceedings or financial losses that result from the event.

    With this insurance, the following parties are covered:

    • The director/officer
    • The company if it has contributed costs towards dealing with the matter
    • The estate, heirs, legal representatives or assigns of any deceased, incompetent or insolvent Director or Officer

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